directory on tap (DOT) school info app

Directory on Tap (DOT) School Info App AND 

Directory on Tap (DOT) School Directory App


advertising on the school directory app (or other community app) is simple.  community partners may

submit their banner ads and link them to their websites.  the main benefit is to support their

wonderful school community via dot, the school directory app,  in it's fundraising efforts!  

And... it's win win - supporting the school an great exposure for businesses.  

...linked to home

page of website

or promotional

page of website

Community partners may put offers out to the community.   Example:  Let's say a restaurant owner is advertising to a school community via the DOT school directory app.  They may offer 20% off one day and change to Buy One Get One (BOGO) by simply changing website content.   Patrons would come into the restaurant with the offer on their Smart Phone school directory app.  Advertisers are able to measure the effectiveness of the ad if they have the technology to track website activity (and by your increased sales!)

The banner ad should be an inviting vertical image which is 640 pixels wide by 1094 pixels tall. PNG format is preferred, but JPG format is also accepted.  The banner ad will be a one-time submission along with a website address that won't change; however, the web page for which it is linked can be updated as often as desired with dynamic, ever-changing (if desired) content and offers.

PLEASE NOTE:  Each DOT community will provide advertisers with the deadlines and pricing for the advertising on their Directory on Tap (DOT) school info app.

high exposure. support your organization.  it's a win win!